Why Trump Can’t Resist to Have His Shirts Manufactured in Bangladesh

Trump can hold as many “Made in America” weeks as he likes, but you’ll still find him wearing “Made in Bangladesh”.

Even Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has many products that were manufactured in Bangladesh. And why not? Bangladesh is known as the country with one of the lowest apparel manufacturing costs. What might take around $11 to make in America, will only take around $2 to make in Bangladesh.

Find out How Bangladesh Managed to Keep Apparel Production Costs Lowest in the Planet

Now you’re probably wondering, what is so great about having your Apparels Manufactured in Bangladesh. Well, you’re about to find out.

Bangladesh is the world’s Second Largest Garment Exporter

And that obviously comes with benefits. Having worked with some of the biggest brands around the world, Bangladesh has the capacity to produce large quantities of orders on time. With rigid quality inspections, the only thing differentiating Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturers from other countries is the cost. And even in that area, Bangladesh has a competitive advantage. Many of the biggest brands around the world have their clothing lines manufactured in Bangladesh, and many more are shifting.

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Flexible with Orders

This is mainly because of the number of existing factories and the new ones that are constantly being opened. In fact, Bangladesh has so many factories, big and small, they can even tend to the needs of smaller businesses who have difficulties sourcing low cost manufacturers with low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

With safety and ethical regulations increasing and improving in Bangladesh, the Apparel Industry will see tremendous growth. So you won’t see Trump shifting his production elsewhere, anytime soon.




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