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We’re in the business of proving each and every human being with the opportunity to trade and grow their businesses to it’s full potential. No matter where or how you are born, we will bridge the dreams of your business to reality

Our Vision

We wake up every morning believing in in a future where trade identity and infrastructure is a fundament to every business in every country.

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Our Team

The people behind the show
Adnan Khan

Adnan Khan


“Man on a mission – to live the greatest story ever told. Come what may.”

Yusuf Ahmed

Business Development

“My main aim in life is to bring about or at least invest in bringing about solutions to problems in this world and age for a better future for all of us. I believe the best changes in this world will be made by people who think outside the box and look beyond the paradigms in our existing society.”

Omran Jamal

Omran Jamal


“A college computer nerd who has a passion for design and photography but never has time.”

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