I would like to source
Jeans from Bangladesh.

So how do you source apparel from
factories half a world away?

What We Do

Apparel Sourcing
From tops to bottoms and everything in between; we match you with a factory best fit to produce your apparel requirements from our network of reliable and trustworthy factories.
Quality Assurance
Our team of inspectors, auditors, and lab experts make sure your product standards are met through pre-production, in-line, and post production inspections.
Payment Gateway
Transact with factories through our secured payment channels—including banks and online payment platforms such as PayPal.
Shipping & Logistics
We save you significant time and resources by handling everything from booking cargo slots and doing customs clearance, to producing export documents and even hiring the truck to deliver to your doorstep. We will take care of all of it for you.

Okay, but why us?


If the factory did not meet your agreed quality standards or lead time, we’ll reimburse the amount for the defective products. If the majority of the shipment is defected, we’ll reimburse you for the full amount of the items plus the shipping cost.
Be able to showcase transparency to your customers because each and every factory in our network are regularly vetted to assure legal wages, a ban on child labour, and workplace safety.
Amazon FBA
We label, pallet, and schedule deliveries so that your products can go straight to your fulfillment warehouse! All while you sit back and see your inventory update automatically.

What Keeps Us Going

Ryan Lee
Wasn’t sure if getting 500 aprons from Bangladesh would result in any significant savings, or if it was worth the importing hassles. Not to mention, we had 10 days in hand. Thanks to my partner who insisted, we tried it out. Ended up saving £690 and didn’t have to deal with customs either! I’m looking forward to the same service for our t-shirts Adnan!
Paul Burggraf
I don’t usually trust overseas sourcing companies. NewThread was amazingly transparent and fast. Look forward to more. Thank you Adnan
Mariam Nouser
Infinitely Classic
Your customer service was superb and I am truly grateful to be working with you all. I will be contacting you again in May to start working on my scarf line. :)

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